Of wood and leaf is leisure made. J. Alan Pipes are laboriously hand crafted from Mediterranean briar root. Each pipe is unique, like its owner. Discover which pipe speaks to you.

Thoughtfully designed briar pipes informed by tradition and inspired by the present. Handcrafted in San Diego, California.

In 2004, I set out to take a piece of raw briar root and somehow shape it into a pipe that I could have for myself.  Little did I know that this one pipe would open the doorway to what has become an endless pursuit to create the perfect briar pipe.  I have traveled around the globe to study and collaborate with the finest makers who have ever lived so that I can continue to make my next pipe a little better than the last.

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In the spring of 2013, my brother, Jeremy, and I partnered to introduce a new line of benchmade pipes together, planting the seed for Alan Brothers.

The Pittsburgh half of Alan Brothers Supply Co., Jeremy Gracik

Our objective was clear, we wanted to produce briar pipes that exceeded expectations. My own handmade pipes were time and labor intensive to create. They demanded such an attention to detail that it was impossible to produce more than 100-120 pieces in a given year. Yet demand remained so high that I could never catch up. Continue reading “”