The truth about my website

Hey all,

Some time in the last year or so–was it 2016 or 2015?–this site disappeared. I was on a trip somewhere, probably across an ocean, doing what I do. Pipes were being made, clients and friends were being visited, and I noticed an email pop up with a subject line of ‘Your site is broken’ or ‘I think there’s a problem with your website’ or something of the sort. I didn’t read the email, and a short time later another email from a different sender arrived with a similar subject. Then another, and another. Well, I finally decided to open and read one of the emails to see what this was about. Then I headed to my site and sure enough, it was down. To make a long and not-that-interesting story shorter, I redirected my site to my Instagram account and promptly forgot about it.

You see, the truth is that I like to make pipes. I mean, I REALLY like to make pipes. It’s what I do all day long. It’s my vocation. When I’m not making pipes, I’m usually on the phone or traveling to promote and sell my pipes. There just isn’t as much time for writing and making videos as I would like to have. So, after sinking a sack of money into having a site developed in 2010 or so, I discovered that I really didn’t update it all that often. And I’m guessing that those of you who were curious enough to sign up for my newsletter discovered that too.

So, why this site? Well, because I kind of need one. Instagram is great and all, but it doesn’t really communicate much besides pictures. It doesn’t give me as clear a platform to communicate, and it doesn’t present my work in a way that is as thorough as I would like to have it presented.

Now, here’s the new site. Hopefully, you find it pretty. For the first time you will be able to buy my pipe making tools directly from me (of course, you can also still buy them from Steve at Vermont Freehand-he’s awesome!) and maybe learn a little more about my work and history in the business.

Additionally, I’d like to present some more writing on the subject of pipe making to help all you beginner and intermediate pipe makers out there. I have published a fairly broad library of videos to youtube over the years, and those are always a great jumping off point for answering particular pipe making related questions. Yet, I would very much like to spend more time writing here on the subject. Stay tuned for those articles.

My hope is to also sell some pipes here throughout the year. Generally my work is available directly through me, but hasn’t been listed on my site for years. I’d like to change that. As always, if you see a pipe or shape that you find interesting and it’s not available, please contact me to inquire about it.

Thanks for tuning in,